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Talented, motivated and inquisitive? Do you want to work in a dynamic company, participate in diverse projects and face stimulating challenges? Do you wish to share your knowledge and personally contribute to the growth of the group? Then Itecor is your best choice!

A multi-cultural oriented company
With 200 employees in 6 countries – Switzerland, France, Spain, Colombia, Macedonia and Mexico – Itecor provides the opportunity to grow in an international and multi-cultural environment and to use your talents in the service of prestigious clients.

Knowledge sharing
The fulfillment of our ambitious objectives is only possible with the best candidates. This is why we encourage and actively participate in the enhancement of the talent of our consultants.

In order to assist consultants in their missions, Itecor has implemented a Knowledge Management policy. Because of this policy, each of our consultants is backed up and fully supported throughout his missions with clients. This support has different forms: knowledge and expertise is shared among Itecor consultants, there is a Knowledge Management Centre, workshops, techmeetings, books and lots of documentation.

Professional Development path
Itecor stresses the importance of the quality of management and development of each employee within the company. To this effect we have implemented an Evolution Model and a Performance & Development cycle which give everyone a clear perspective of the progress opportunities available to those who demonstrate motivation and aptitude.

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